Certificates, Memberships and Regulatory

For Steenbergs latest certificates, please email axel@steenbergs.co.uk.

Food Safety

Steenbergs is registered with North Yorkshire County Council as a food production entity and monitored by them under the EC852/2004 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.  Likewise, it is monitored by North Yorkshire Trading Standards under various other regulations.

Steenbergs is audited and certified with SALSA under The Salsa Standard: Issue 4, June 2015.

Steenbergs is also approved by STS Audit by 3rd party report.  Before 2020, we were also directly audited by STS Audit to the STS Standard.

Environment, Food Ethics, Ethics & Social Justice


Steenbergs is audited and certified under EC 834/2007 and 889/2008 by Organic Food Federation (GB-ORG-4) for the import, trading and processing of organic products within the European Union.


Many of Steenbergs products are audited and certified as kosher (Pareve non-Passover) by the London Beth Din Kashrut Division.


Steenbergs Home Baking Flavours are registered with The Vegan Society as being suitable for vegans.


Steenbergs has an Environmental Management System in place that is kept up to scratch by Quickstep Environmental.  It is annually audited to BS 8555:2016 (Phase 2) by Tarian Inspection Services.


Steenbergs is a member of Sedex.  Sedex is a collaborative forum for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store and share information, and manage performance on labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.  Sedex is not a standard setting body, but is a sign of Steenbergs' willingness to share data and use information to manage and improve ethical standards in the supply chain.


Steenbergs' products are approved by The Fairtrade Foundation.  While audit of Fairtrade business transitions from The Fairtrade Foundation to FLOCERT, Steenbergs has Permission to Trade from FLOCERT for the packing and sale of Fairtrade teas, spices and bakery flavours.  Steenbergs' FLO ID is 2998.

Other Assurance and Regulatory Providers


F. E. Metcalfe & Co, Chartered Accountants, provides Steenbergs with accountancy and tax services and advice, together with employment advice.

Health, Safety and Fire

NFU Mutual provides consultancy and assessment on Health and Safety matters.  H. E. Woolley undertakes Steenbergs' Fire Risk Assessment, providing advice on Fire Safety matters and fire protection services.


NFU Mutual provides Steenbergs with business, key person and product liability insurance, together with consultancy on health and safety.


Raworths provides Steenbergs with corporate, employment and property legal advice and services.