HACCP and Monitoring

Your enjoyment and confidence in Steenbergs' products comes from your ability to trust in Steenbergs' product purity and quality and to rely on our food safety systems.

Steenbergs' systems are centred around a detailed HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) that is implemented continuously and throughout our supply chains - from "field to plate".  HACCP underpins and drives these systems, and allows us to prevent possible risks before they occur.  Each CCP (Critical Control Point) is monitored, recorded and non-conformances addressed immediately.

But at the core are close relationships with key suppliers that enable us to manage Steenbergs' herbs and spices back to their original growers.  Through the years, we have nurtured close relationships with local farming communities, underpinned not only by working together on quality systems and training, but a deeply ethical approach to how we work with our suppliers.  This closeness allows Steenbergs to mitigate potential risks to product integrity and purity, whether from adulteration or allergens.

More formally, all Steenbergs organic herbs, spices, mixes, flavours and teas have to meet clear, documented specifications and standards for ingredients and production safety.  So our stock lines can be tracked and traced through the supply chain.

Furthermore, our quality systems are challenged through monitoring, internal and external audit and a comprehensive laboratory testing programme.  The resultant data is evaluated to check that both Steenbergs ingredients and systems are as expected. 

But we do not shy away from changing how we operate, wanting continually to improve our methods and behaviour.