Steenbergs Quality

At Steenbergs, traceability, quality and ethical standards are key. We control every step of the supply chain, from growing to processing, testing each harvest for taste, aroma, colour and microbiology.  This ensures quality and ethics are always maintained. 

Steenbergs works closely with organic projects throughout the world - Egypt, India, Lebanon, Madagascar, Spain, Sri Lanka and Turkey. These projects have food safety and HACCP accreditation, and are certified to meet EU organic regulations. Furthermore, Steenbergs is a member of Sedex and at the forefront of Fairtrade spices and herbs, so we can also help with these stock lines.

Steenbergs is dedicated to answering all your questions - even those you forgot to ask. Our supply network and stock gives you assurance that your order - whether a 0.5g jar of organic saffron or larger quantities of organic & Fairtrade black pepper - is high quality. 

Steenbergs sources and blends its organic herbs, spices, seasonings and teas for your enjoyment, so please contact us if you have any questions or problems. We always love to discuss our favourite subject!