Home Baking Range

Steenbergs has an extensive range of core Home Baking ingredients, including Steenbergs' very popular vanilla extract and vanilla paste, rose water and orange flower water.  All are natural and free of industrial chemicals.

Steenbergs organic, Fairtrade and natural bakery and raising agents include:

Almond extract - natural, pesticide free
Lemon extract – organic, pesticide free
Orange extract – organic, pesticide free
Peppermint extract – organic, pesticide free
Vanilla extract – organic, pesticide free

Flower Waters:
Orange flower water – organic, pesticide free
Rose blossom water – organic, pesticide free

Raising Agents:
Baking powder - aluminium free
Baking powder - organic, aluminium free
Bicarbonate of soda - aluminium free, free of anticaking agents
Cream of tartar

For more on Steenbergs' Home baking range, visit steenbergs.co.uk