Steenbergs Values

For Steenbergs, our business philosophy is fundamental to how we do business and make everyday decisions.  

These softer ethical aims create the meanings that are the Steenbergs brand and how we work as people within Steenbergs.  We consider all decisions within Steenbergs against these axioms.

Steenbergs ethical values are:

At its core is our belief that commercial activities are vital to society and that they can and should be positive for society.

Steenbergs core targets are:

  • Equality of pay and gender now, with pay at a premium to the National Living Wage;
  • Sustainable business, with no marginal impact on the environment, by 2025.
More specific targets and progress to these is provided in the relevant sections.  We have targets for those areas where Steenbergs has a direct influence on what it does and has a marginal impact on an environmental or social area.  For those areas where we are unable to have a direct affect, we have strategies to minimise the potential for bad impacts from our business activities.